A lot of people who come to me say the same sentence to me:
"I'm pretty tired, despite everything I did the blasts still exist…
I finally want the solution the last one! "

The high method 
Is a solution to Whole without me And last That you will need
לשלוט בעצמך ובהצלחה שלך!

FULL Mind Sync She HIGH Method Which I developed for 13 years 
That synchronizes The 2 parts of the mind [conscious + subconscious] 
And includes knowledge and practical techniques That are not learned In no other setting.

To a large extent it is Contradictory and reverse From the common kabbalah!
[This No CBT, NLP, Guided Imagery, Positive Statements or Meditations]

The high method She Complete solution [Latest שתצטרך/י] לשלוט בעצמך ובהצלחה שלך
And gives 97% [and up] Control of the result in real time
Cracking Precise of ROOT The result that determines 97% From the result!

מה ההשלכות של אי-פתרון הבעיה?
Imagine how big it will be The gap Between what you want and what is in the rest of your life 
[Relationships, Relationships, Money, Mental and Physical Health] 
And the hard prices you will pay because you have compromised on yourself
If you do not crack the ROOT The result!

Studies In neurology (brain research)
And epigenetics (Outside gardens)


95-99% From our result Controlled by ROOT The result!

2 parts of the Mind:

הטעות הקריטית She
 שמטפלים  במודע או בתת-מודע על ידי דמיון מודרך, מדיטציות או הצהרות חיוביות
but לא מטפלים at the ROOT That determines 97% From the result
that is
SYNC של המודע ותת-מודע!

Lack SYNC גורם לקונפליקט בין המודע לתת-מודע ולתוצאות הרסניות!

The Inner Root That determines 97% From the result

SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind

אבל, there is no A technique that creates SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind
for example

קואצ’ינג,  סיינטולוגיה,  תטא הילינג,  הומניקישיין,  לנדמרק,  התדר,  שיטת אריאן לב,  EMDR,
Elijah Shiri, Omega, Meditation, Byron Katie, CBT, Journey, Brain 1,
נטאלי בן דוד – סאטיה,  מיינדפולנס Mindfulness,  שיטת אורה גולן,  שיטת אריק פלד,
סיי-קיי Psych-K,  שיטת דויטשר,  דמיון מודרך,  מרחב מודעות – מטאיזם,  נלפ – NLP

Or other techniques שעוקפות את הבעיה עם כלים כמו Guided Imagery,
מדיטציות והצהרות חיוביות
ועושות Manipulation of reality 
Focus only on 1 of the two parts of the Mind (conscious + subconscious) at one point in time
and hence Do not create SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind 
But give partial and temporary relief but
Do not solve the problem.

The unique mechanism of The high method he
3 Mind ™ keys
3 advanced processes That create SYNC Of the conscious and subconscious mind
Incorporating unique techniques from The 3 dimensions: mental, emotional and energetic
And connect the parts to Whole To achieve the desired result.

 Hi, my name is ILay Michaeli

key The high method 
the solution Complete to SYNC The Conscious and the Subconscious [Only in Israel]
That gives you 97% [and above] Success In controlling emotions and behavior Commitment 
[Development of 13 Years]

Author of the book The Secret of Human Mechanism

Among other things, I served as the mental coach of the Maccabi Tel Aviv players
And of the participants in the TV show "The Mirror".

You will see a brief explanation in The following 4 videos

Video 1 Out of 4

The hidden factor

Click on the video to watch

3:30 minutes

Video 2 Out of 4

מפתח 1 - SYNC The conscious

Click on the video to watch

5:42 minutes

Video 3 Out of 4

מפתח 2 - SYNC Subconscious

Click on the video to watch

4:07 minutes

Video 4 Out of 4

מפתח 3 - SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind

Click on the video to watch

5:11 minutes


To verify That the high method Gives a solution to Whole Control the outcome

I offer you
Demonstrate a result that will amaze you
תיתן לך 100% ביטחון שזה הפתרון Complete And it works For you!


Demonstrating an amazing result

meeting personal ב- ZOOM כשעה [במחיר סמלי]
In it you will experience technique Unique 
for controlling emotions and behavior From a formula The high method

The result will surprise you

אם את/ה רוצה לבדוק אפשרות למפגש הדגמת תוצאה
שלח/י לי הודעה אישית מהירה עם הבעיה שחשוב לך לפתור והמילה outcome On Facebook Messenger

שלח/י לי אימייל עם הבעיה שחשוב לך לפתור

Imagine yourself controlling your results and feeling That your Destiny Your hands.

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