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3 Keys to Mind for Success



After reading The part Questions and answers on the previous page
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Understanding thatThere is no alternative For the exclusive solution of Method The factor97%®.



Summary The uniqueness of Program (Course) code Code of Life ™:

3-month plan - 12 weekly evening meetings in Tel Aviv + Personal support Telephone and Internet, A total of about 90 hours !

3 Keys to Mind for Success (Processes Exclusive In Israel): The present, the code of the past and life are in sync Controllable As a whole The human mechanism!

solution to Whole Revolutionary and exclusive in Israel For the reason The root The result and he:  Energetic Sync ™ between The subconscious mind !


"It's the best program I know that brings results
And provides practical tools for work outside the program as well. "

זאת התוכנית הכי טובה שאני מכירה שמביאה לתוצאות ומקנה כלים פרקטיים לעבודה גם מחוץ לתוכנית.



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The plan is complex From - 2 components:


Component 1

3 Keys to Mind for Success3 advanced processes Exclusive in Israel
To create Energetic synchronization between The subconscious mind
Combining techniques Uniqueness From the three dimensions of the mind: mental, emotional and energetic

And is held across 12 weekly sessions - about 3 months

3. סנכרון אנרגטי בין המודע לתת-מודע – החיים בסנכרון 2. רה-תכנות המיינד התת-מודע – קוד העבר + לימוד שיעורי חיים 1. רה-תכנות המיינד המודע – צופן ההווה + ערות


Each3 keys he process Exclusive in Israel The most advanced of its kind
And held across 4 weekly sessions Group - Total month (About 27 hours)
Cost 4,000 NIS including VAT.


Total cost of component 1  
3 keys - 12 weekly sessions - 3 months (about 80 hours):
12,000 includes VAT.



Component 2

process support personally Double Telephone + Internet Exactly
Customizable toYour needs
During the week Between the weekly sessions
Sunday-Thursday 10: 30-16: 30
No time limitFor 3 months !

Increases the Success rates Until 500% times !


Total cost of component 2
process Dual personal support:
NIS 12,000 including VAT.



Total cost The full program includes the 2 components:
24,000 includes VAT
+ 200 registration fees


"To the value you get In the life plan This one No price. "

As you can see this is a program Which is worth tens of thousands of shekels 
And offered now On a 67% scholarship To enable the Its availability to the public !



Total The cost of the full program after Receipt of the scholarship:
instead of 24,000
Only 7,900 includes VAT
+ 200 registration fees


the meaning Is you Payer only On 8 weekly sessions
And receives
More 4 weekly sessions In value 4,000 ₪ free !
A total of 12 sessions of the program The cost per hour is only 87  !

Additional bonus: Accurate dual personal support In value 12,000 ₪ free !



when and where ?

The program meetings are held at 4 Weizmann Street, Beit Asia, Tel Aviv from 5:00 PM to 11:30 PM

The next program will be held on Sundays
And will open within about a month - notice of the opening date will be given to participants about a week in advance.

Registration can be canceled within 14 days and at least 14 business days before the start of the program



The FULL The whole (Meetings Two weeks + Support personally) Transmitted by ILAY



At this point you are aware For the unique benefits The exclusive in Israel of Method The factor97%®.

And… given to you now Present Designer Haim ! 

 are you must It For yourself and those who love you…



“A program with techniques and processes that no other courses have. 
"The final habit" of self-awareness courses. "

תוכנית עם טכניקות ותהליכים שאין בקורסים אחרים - 'הרגל המסיימת' לקורסי המודעות העצמית. עופר


After registering for the program
Get started The process of preparing for the plan

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Questions and Answers


question 1What is the origin of the name?97%®?

Answer: 97% from your genes they "Junk / Unencoded DNA"

Studies on the human genome Showed that 3% of DNA Ours has a specific functional purpose,
Responsible for basic data (height, colors) and development instructions, and 97% of the DNA No function.
In other words, it is DNA that has no specific purpose - called "junk" or "uncoded" DNA…

But rather That advanced research, Among others, in the field Epigenetics, Showed that the rest 97% of the DNA
Not only that Decisive influence on all areas of our lives including emotional and physical,
But they are too Enabled on the outside, That is Outside of DNA, Among other things From our thoughts and feelings…

This means that it is possible Reprogram 97% Of the DNA our For growth!

97% מהגנום שלך זה DNA זבל



Why your DNA he Not your destiny


למה ה- DNA שלך הוא לא הגורל שלך - המדע החדש של אפיגנטיקהחושף איך הבחירות שלך יכולות לשנות את הגנים שלך - ושל הילדים שלך

"The new science of Epigenetics Reveals how
Your choices Capabilities Change your genes - and your children"
~ magazine Time


Our choices Are determined From the degree ofSYNC between The subconscious mind our…

This means that it is possible Reprogram 97% of the DNA Our growth!


Hence the name of the method, The factor97%®
97% of our DNA Influencer on every Areas of our lives
activated From our beliefs that 971 TP1T are not aware of.

Reprogramming was made by Revolutionary process (3 Keys to Mind for SuccessExclusive in Israel
Which we are Consciously control In andinfluencing On 2 Dimensions of our Mind (Conscious + Subconscious)
andAs a result creator
 SYNC Between our subconscious mind !



Question 2: What is the difference between the factor factor method97%® for NLP or other techniques?

Answer: NLP or other techniques give a solution partial
With consequential effect partial On the surface (if any)…


This is becauseThere is no technique Which gives a solution toperfection The human mechanism:

1. wakefulness Wakefulness (Most of us are in vending machines most of the time)
and then
2. Control Consciously (Negative thoughts and feelings in the present tense)
3. Control Subconsciously (Identify and clear previously embedded programming)
4. Study Life lessons (At events there is an important message for us)
5. Tuning Clean frequency for the future (Most of us tune unclean frequencies)
and also 
6. SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind (The reason The root The result is an inner layer hidden thing*)
* The treatment of the hidden inner layer elevates us above the nature with which we were created


Do not be deceived by "low" prices or self-declaration as an "expert" for the subconscious / consciousness
Or promises like "the best / advanced / leading / fastest in Israel / in the world" and the like
That is not possible Back them up factually,
But rather Check factually If offered to you solution To - 6 Components of the whole human mechanism Described here.


Method The factor97%® Gives a solution to 6 Components of the whole human mechanism Described here
By 3 Keys to Mind for Success – 3 advanced processes Exclusive in Israel
Combining Techniques Uniqueness From the three dimensions of the soul: Mental, emotional and energetic 

3. סנכרון אנרגטי בין המודע לתת-מודע – החיים בסנכרון 2. רה-תכנות המיינד התת-מודע – קוד העבר + לימוד שיעורי חיים 1. רה-תכנות המיינד המודע – צופן ההווה + ערות


This is why other solutions Do not constitute an alternative To the method The factor97%®


One of the alumni of the program said: “This is not another course… this Life plan"


It is important to understand 
There are therapies / techniques (like NLP and others) that try to create manipulations
And promising Clear And / or to get around The problematic result…

What is it like? It's like trying to kill or silence The messenger…!
After all There are no coincidences And every result has Root cause,
That we need to find out that it is meant to be Help us Down the road…

Any problematic outcome is not meant to frustrate us… but to teach us Life lesson And promote us,
So what is the use of experience ignore From this or Treat the symptom
Without understanding and treating In the root cause To the problematic result?

Treatment should be taken into account In symptom Only this illusion That it can help
When in practice it may cause To aggravate The situation
Because until they are treated at the ROOT Of thing, he Does not pass

In addition, root canal treatment Without our conscious control In the energy of the present and learning Life lessons
This is a particularly harmful attempt to intervene In our creative thought !

Without a poignant clarification of "who we are" we will also never know what The purpose of our existence and destiny In this world.

is a the time Connect To the inner magician (we) 
And nurture the The skill The root Control the results our ourselves
Instead of being Hanging In dummy solutions or Solutions Temporary of External 'wizards'…



Question 3: Is it possible to learn the techniques and processes
Of the factor factor method97%® Elsewhere?

Answer: No.
3 Keys to Mind for Success The processes Advanced
Of the factor factor method97%® are Exclusive in Israel.



Question 4: What's the reason in the program the factor97%® Success rates are above and beyond expectations?

Answer: It's a process depth of 3 months 
12 weekly group meetings + Personal support, A total of about 90 hours,
The combiner Practical The scientific dimension and the spiritual dimension
With a solution to Whole For the reason The root To the results of our lives
Combining techniques and processes Exclusive In Israel 
To create SYNC Between the most advanced and subconscious mind of its kind.

need to understand That is why The root For any problematic result Chronic
(Including physiological problem) is Lack SYNC Between the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind.

Method of the factor97%® is a revolutionary method Exclusively in Israel
To create Energetic Sync ™ Between the subconscious mind!

In addition to the exclusive revolutionary system in Israel, this is In a unique process Held in a group Limited
in her all Participant enjoys secondary Development processes unique:
1. Process Studies and exercises unique
2. Process Dual personal support Which increases the success rate up to 500% times !


It is important !
We're all here to Balance the dimensions (The third degree of perfection according to Maimonides)
And learn the Life lessons our…
there is no Magic solutions or Shortcuts and no one can not do It For us or In our place !
It was and will be dependent Only In focus Accurate internal Ours!

You must understand this and the more you use it With the right tools and guidance
It will Fast, easy andRewarding More.

In conclusion, the solution of the97%® opens for you Development options That do not exist elsewhere!



Question 5: Who guides the program and gives personal support to the unique process?

Answer: Ilai Michaeli, creator of the factor factor method97%® Revolutionary.



Question 6: Is there anything in the program materials that contradicts the values of Judaism?

Answer: On the contrary. Program materials are based on sources Jews andScientific
anddishes (Advanced techniques and processes of their kind) Exclusive in Israel Helping to achieve admirable results.



Question 7: On what days are the program meetings held?

Answer: The program is frontal and the meetings are in the evening,
a day one thing Weekly - Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. (No meetings on Saturday)



Question 8: Does the program provide a solution to only certain type of problems?

Answer: No. The program gives a solution to everyone who is in the situation Blinds
And / or wants to improve The result in every area of life (business, personal, health) 
And… extremely important to people who want the value The supplement:
Solution to why Hiding Behind the visible layer (The reason The root Result).

It is a fact that only when you experience The frequency Of the program and of the facilitator,
You will find out The depth of possible meaning and unique contribution Of the plan for your life…



Question 9: Does the program have a warranty?

Answer: Yes.
You can pre-register for Track 100% The Promising 100% Warranty Effective Techniques!
This means for you 0% risk and… 100% possible profit!



Question 10: I did a lot of workshops that did not give me a solution, why in this program will I get a solution?

Answer: The reason as stated is that the program gives a solution to Whole,
With tools and processes Exclusive in Israel, the most advanced of their kind
Among them are such to treat them Barriers That have caused you in the past procrastination and lack of coping, 
+ Personal support Exactly That will help you overcome difficulties that will arise throughout the process.


It is important to understand Solution tosymptom (instead of For the reason The root) Will not help you in the long run (if at all)…
for example, If you took care In procrastination By raising courage / self-confidence spotted,
It may help you for a limited time and then the situation Will return to its former state (And maybe even worse)
Because you didn't care In the cause The root To the lingering procrastination On your hidden inner level!


Assuming you have not found a solution to what you are looking for,
Maybe You came to the right place. And maybe not.
What is certain is that the probability that you will find a solution here is Very high.

In any case, you will produce great and surprising value.



Question 11: Is there a guarantee of results?

Answer: No. (However, there is a responsibility for the effectiveness of the techniques - see question 9)
The one who will assure you that you will achieve some result, at the moment of the promise It will be a promise without cover.
The reason I can not guarantee a result is because I do not control In applying the techniques by you

What I can guarantee is that it will be at your disposal 
An advanced process of its kind,
The highest level of personal support,
Exclusive amazing tools (Mostly)
And all that Syncing For a complete solution To the whole of the human mechanism
Which cannot be accepted In other places !

The result is that code The 9th factor7%® It probably is The best chance you have…



After registering for the program
Get started The process of preparing for the plan

I am wants to Sign up for the program

חץ למטה

אני רוצה לשלוט בתוצאות שלי !

האיש ששינה את חיי - עילאי מיכאלי. עילאי תודה.