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Who is right? Pessimist or optimist

- The use of male language is for convenience -

Life Insight + 1 minute practice for success
The practice of success appears below after the insight


- The use of male language is for convenience -


Life Insight + 1 minute practice for success

The practice of success appears below after the insight


Who is right?
pessimist or optimist


מי צודק ? פסימיסט או אופטימיסט


Is it right to be positive about everything,
(Optimist Reality)

And maybe sometimes we have to be realistic?
(Reality of the pessimist)


The question is which of the two is more down to earth ?

You must have heard the saying:
We don't see the world as it is but as we are. '


In other words, every time we describe Our vision of what's happening,

Whether we are Optimists or Pessimists,

we No Describe the world as Which he really is,

But describe it From our point of view

So who else down to earth, The Optimist or The pessimist?  

the answer The simplest She… nobody !


the truth is That reality is fundamentally meaningless - it simply exists…

And we are Give it to her meaning By Choosing our point of view.


So the question becomes:
What is the better perspective?

And the answer itself depends on the question:
What a life we want to live ?


Because In any case (Regardless of our answer)
The universe will give us
exactly The results reflected fromOur point of view.



And here, we want to be careful From becoming our greatest enemy


the answer The deep
She ... there is a third option and she is Possible !
(Enter the picture here Life lessons - which is another topic)



And most of all, remember that you are far more than you can see…



Meanwhile, waking up exercise:


Warning against 2 destructive traps !


trap Knowledge!
Don't fall
 To trap Knowledge of "I already know that"
Because Knowledge gives you nothing, Ничего, Rien, Nada, لا شئ, Nothing…

Impressive results are only achieved by me Application (True) of knowledge (true)!
(Most people who think it's irrelevant to them, most In need To that)


trap Faith!
Don't fall
 To trap Faith of "It doesn't look right / it's too simple, etc."
Because Faith comes Following Results… so You don't have to believe, Check it out Then decide!


So… if you want Progress For results
Take a minute to think And answer the following success practice…


Practice 1 minute to your success!

(It Awakening exercise And not what you learn in the program…)


Focus on the event you have negative feelings about ...

And answer the questions:
What is the positive view of what is happening?
What is the possibility of negative looking at what is happening?
With the result of which of the two do I choose to live now?


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What is the to take From insight and practice to success
And what can you do? Do to benefit now
And I'll respond to you personally ...



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Love and smile,


עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®


hi I'm ILay Michaeli

Your life partner

Developer and creator The Code The factor97%®

I help people get top decile results
By Exclusive method Tocontrol at the ROOT of the result
SYNC Energetic between The Subconscious Mind ™
© Record Creation # 3856



 מה השיטה איתה הוא עובד?  זה לא השיטה. זה האדם! התדר בו הוא נמצא. האמת הפנימית שהוא מצליח לחיות על פיה. נסיון חייו שהביאו אותו לפתח משהו שיש בו כלים פשוטים אך ששילובם הנכון ודרך העבודה לא מאפשרים לך לברוח מההתמודדות ומסייעים לך לעבור אותה. הוא לא נראה מורה רוחני באופן המוכר וגם לא מדבר או מתנהג כך. הוא משלב רוחניות וכלים מעשיים שיחד יוצרים סנכרון בין מודע לתת מודע ובעיקר מחברים אותך לאמת שלך. לשיעורי החיים שלך, למסר שהם מביאים ולהוצאתו לפועל. הוא לא אדם דתי אך יותר מאמין, מחובר, ישר ואמיתי מכל אדם דתי שהכרתי.



Studies In my field Neurology andEpigenetics


we are not Control the95% From our results!

"95% Life does not come from wills but from programmers
(Usually of limitation)
And we're the only ones who don't see it ..."

- Dr. Bruce Lipton - Epigenetics


2 חלקי ה-Mind


Give me 90 minutes and I'll see you

How to control your results

And feel security and pride !

Anyone who tries to surprise you with the result will surprise you too…

עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®


Very pleasant, my name is supreme.
If you came to me, I think I know what's going on for you.

You probably are Tackles
With something in life You didn't succeed So far to solve.

I mean,
Maybe you're dealing with matters Parity, Or matters Of money,
Or negative emotions like anger or anxiety You are being managed,
or maybe procrastination or Lack of assertiveness Arrest you,
Maybe Stuck In a particular field, you frustrate,
Or maybe in general you feel Lack of joy or Not good Go with yourself…


And what You did today,
The one you may have gone To caregivers or CoachesMaybe you did Workshops
And you've invested in them Thousands of shekels and lots of time and lots of hope
(After some have promised you Mountains and hills)
And as I see in many people
You may even have seen Change for a certain time.

and then…
The unwanted result Returning About herself (and her disappointment)
By Automatic destructive template
That brings you back To the starting position (Or close to it)
As if there were Hidden power That blocks you ...


And I know that more than anything
are you Want to resolve the matter once and for all
And control the results
same as
To do things you dared not do before,
Being in a relationship you love and love,
See numbers in the bank account you've always dreamed of,
Download the last 5 or 10 pounds that you can't download,
Get rid of the stress that destroys the lives and health of us all,
Achieve goals like you've never achieved
And feel satisfied and happy with life…
(By the way, at this point you will start to admire you)


Right ?


Imagine controlling your results
And feel your destiny in your hands.


I want you to understand Why didn't you succeed? To this day
And what Yes Will help you control the results once and for all,

and moreover,
I'll invite you Experience a result demo That will amaze you
Without any risk on your part,
Even before you commit to any process at all
So be sure this is the right solution For you.



So why didn't you succeed?
It's not your fault!

You are managed in an auto-destructive format
Because your focus is oriented The opposite (Visible)!


the focus he In symptom

instead of

at the ROOT of the result

Focus reversal upgrades
Control of the result From -5% to-95% !

שים/י לב

Note !

Each result consists of 2 parts:
1. The visible is the symptom (5%)
2. The occult which is the root (95%)

Most of us are mostly focused In the visible part - the symptom (5%) !


We only control5% (On average) from the result?

It must seem strange to you that your control
Amounts (on average) only to5% From the result
(You must have thought at least 70-80%)
but Studies reveal that causes hidden thing Controls95% From the result…



In neurology
(Brain Research - Dr. Gerhard Roth)
(Outside Gardens - Dr. Bruce Lipton)

(Given that we are not aware of)

95-99% of the time
 Workers Enabled In a survival pattern
(instead of Template of success)
Nothing Which is restrictive the of the result Despite the ability
And influences On functioning God-DNA Ours!



The real problem!

You do not control at the ROOT (95%) The result!

(Because your focus is on the symptom - 5%)

That means you miss 95% from the result!



People who are searching Magic button or Wonder ball
One day Exalted Their problem
Probably Who will never find it…
(Remember that magic is actually an eye-catcher?)

need to understand once and for all
To mind Solve any problem and control the results
There are no shortcuts or Magic solutions
But should Complete Solution to the Root The result (the problem)
And always hiding An investment of time, energy and money!


wants to Get stuck In ongoing frustration
Of workshop Other workshop
And from a solution partial / Temporary to each other
That focus In the solution to the symptom Which is 'Patch'
You finally want you The Complete Solution to the Root of the result
To help you Control your results once and for all and feel pride?


האמת נחשפת בפניך !

in order to control
In the result
(the world The exterior our)
we Must control
at the ROOT of the result (the world The inner our)
that is
the Hidden Cause
Who controls95% From the result

2 Dimensions of the Mind
(Conscious + subconscious)


ROOT of the Problem

There is a gap
between the will (Godaware)
To a blocking belief (Software Unconscious)

Lack SYNC Between the Conscious and the Subconscious Mind.

why is it happening ?

Because in practice

We have control of
B-Mind conscious
and- 0%
B-The subconscious mind

and hence of the result
or Unwanted pace / direction progress!
(We only control about5% From the result andNot realized The vocation)


שורש הבעיה (95%) והפתרון השלם לשורש הבעיה (ולא רק לסימפטום - 15%)


SYNC 2 Dimensions of the Mind


control B- 2 DimensionsMind

beginning Control inaware

andSecondly Control inUnconscious

And only then can we turn on The unique method

to SYNC Energetic between the subconscious mind


להיפתח לרבדים העמוקים יותר של החיים



The Control your results once and for all!


And as I promised, I invite you For an experience meeting

(Without any risk on your part)

For her to experience Life mode True You choose

A result that will amaze you!




Formula Revolutionary That you give

control At root (95%) of the result

הרגשה כאילו מישהו נותן לך מפתח לאזיקים שכובלים אותך. ~ איתן


Multi-dimensional (complete) solution only In Israel

control at the ROOT of the result

As revealed in:

ישראל היום, The Marker, הארץ, nrg


The Code

SYNC Energetic for success

© Record Creation # 3856

solution to Whole control at the ROOT of the result
based on Formula Revolutionary
of 3 processes Individuals In Israel
(With a number of unique techniques)


3 Keys The Mind ™

3 מפתחות ה-Mind

key 1 – control Baware
(Present + Life lessons)

key 2- Control bUnconscious
(My programming has moved + Life lessons)

key 3 – ToSync between our conscious and subconscious mind


 3 Keys The Mind
© Record Creation # 3856  

is a The The multidimensional (Complete) The only one 

control at the ROOT The result. 

הגאונות של השיטה היא חיבור החלקים לשלם.


"The program has managed to get me in the state of mind, alertness and control that no one has been able to bring me before."

לאחר פגישות עם מומחי CBT, פסיכולוגים, מומחי EMDR, התוכנית הצליחה להביא אותי למצב נפשי, ערות ושליטה שאף אחד לא הצליח להביא אותי לפני כן. - אילן - מנהל הייטק




How do you get to an experience meeting?


Where is the experience meeting?
in Tel Aviv
(Near Arlozorov Central Railway Station - address appears after registration)
In hours 18:00 – 19:30

How is it determined today?
You sign up In the blue button
To register down,
And selects the desired date from the upcoming dates.
(If there is a problem in the upcoming dates, indicate favorite days of the week)

Upcoming dates:
1. Wednesday 23/10/19
2. Tuesday 29/10/19
3. Thursday 31/10/19


this Not a lecture or Standard introductory workshop!


You will receive a demo session

1. Extended Explanation on The formula Revolutionary  3 Keys The Mind ™
2. The part The central: Unique technique demonstration And receiving outcome That will amaze you
3. Reply For questions + gift


It's a unique process experience
In one of the unique techniques
 With Immediate consequence to your life

So it's important that you experience and see that there is hope.
(Even if you're a little discouraged)


Now look.
I'm sure I can help you more than any other solution.
If so, fill in the details below
And give me the right to be a part of your life journey.
Thanks 🙂


אתה לא יוצא אותו בן אדם שנכנסת. 


There are only 8 places because of personal attitude to each

and- the month 70% off instead of 450 only 135!

Full responsibility
If you do not get an amazing result your money will be refunded to you.

חץ למטה

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האיש ששינה את חיי - עילאי מיכאלי. עילאי תודה.



Do you have any deliberation and you want to talk to me?

Gladly, fill out a personal questionnaire
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חץ למטה




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Online Session release You subconscious trigger

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