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Identify your habits

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Daily tip

Identify your habits

לזהות את ההרגלים שלך


most people Sails incorrectly
The meaning of their habits.

Habits are simple Behaviors The sights to us
How we operate on the inner and outer levels.


Our lives are full of habits
Layer upon layer of habits.

In most situations, we have a normal tendency,
or Through the leg reaction The carousel of life
(down up).


we also Responders To our habits.

If we say we'll go to the gym
Three times a week and we Don't go,

We have a way of responding to this.


Maybe it was said it was One-time and it won't happen again.

Maybe We will feel very bad About that either A list was found Of 117 excuses / reasons
Why it wasn't under our control.


Habits Much is said about you - about your interests,

What annoys you and what excites you.

Breaking these habits allows you a lot Life choices.


You have the The power to choose Your reactions,

Choose the The words Coming out of your mouth and even picking out Your choices.


What am I talking about?


When we come across these "familiar" situations,
Most of us "allow" our brains to move Autopilot
andLosing the ability to choose Consciously our reactions.


If you were to actually estimate how many of these habits cost you
From a standpoint Emotionally, physically and financially,
You would stop now.


Unconscious habitual reactions stop us
From knowing what we really think, feel and believe.

It will help to remember that everything you do is out Cause.
You come back to your habits again and again because you get something out of it,

Pleasure, pain, health, prevention, repression, expression.


We are all like that.

Instead of getting down on yourself for not going to the gym again,
Ask yourself, what did you get out of it?

Look at your habits and find New information about yourself.


Look at your habits Likes and those who don't,

And find out where You are stuck, 
What you are avoiding,
What challenges you
And what do you value…

Then you can move For the next step.

חץ למטה





Love and smile,


עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®

ILay Michaeli

creator The Code The factor97%®

SYNC Energetic ™ between The subconscious mind
Freedom control In the results
100% Warranty for Effectiveness of Techniques!

ומי הוא בכלל עילאי? אני לא באמת מכירה אותו. אני יכולה להגיד רק שהוא מבריק בשכלו וגם מרצה בחסד ובתשוקה ונראה שהוא אוהב אותנו כבני אדם ומטרתו לעשות רק טוב.  - הרהורים של עו'ד מירי, משתתפת לאחר 30% מהתהליך


solution to Whole Single in Israel to the Root Our result!

(Without it we have A small chance To change the result over time…)



Experiment meeting

You have opportunity experience In the technique Unique From - The Code Energetic synchronization
Understand how much The revolutionary process Exclusive It changes lives
And get The result release Amazing negative emotions !
חץ למטה




I am assistant To the people who have them An unwanted result Template (Repeats repeatedly)

to reach Awe-inspiring result  

By Energetic Sync ™ between The conscious ToUnconscious Through Method The factor97%®

Here you can see the introductory video for the 971 TP1T®  





"You changed my life. Your course, the insights into life I came to you
And the way I interpret reality today thanks to you is worth millions. Thank you."

שינית לי את החיים. הקורס שלך, התובנות שהגעתי בזכותך והדרך שבה אני מפרש את המציאות היום בזכותך שווה מליונים. תודה רבה. ישר כוח. המשך לשנות לאנשים את החיים ולהראות להם את הדרך.



In summary, to make it crisp and clear ...


3 Truths Haim


1. the road The unit Control the outcome (External world)
 She Control inROOT The result (inner world).

2. ROOT The result is SYNC Between the conscious and the subconscious.

3. The Code The factor97%® gives Complete Solution  only In Israel
To create SYNC Between the conscious and the subconscious


Stuck Unwanted result?
Parity… Money… Relationships… Career / Business… Procrastination… Anxiety… Health…


wants to solution partial For the symptom
or solution to Whole to the Root Your result ?

Go only Where you are being given 3 things:
1. solution to Whole to the Root The result yourSYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind
2. outcome Guaranteed following application The techniques Are being taught

3. responsibility Written Of 100% Refund To the promised result


The research discovery Revolutionary !

The reason The root The result (The outside world) lies In the Inner World:
SYNC Energetic 
between The subconscious mind!

לתשומת לבך

solution without me In Israel!

A revolutionary method Giving solution to Whole For the reason The root The result:
The Code The factor97%®
Registered Patent No. 279397
Energetic synchronization between the subconscious mind ™
By 3 exclusive processes - 
Keys The Mind ™


responsibility Written !

100% Warranty Results. You did not improve - 100% Refund !



Who does it fit (and who doesn't)?

spoken In-depth process of doing your
With Advanced tools Individuals In Israel Who give Complete Solution to the Root The result 
Which are combined with Personal support Exactly Throughout the process
So you learn Your life lessons (The reason why things happen in the first place).


This combination gives you the best chance.


is a Right for You If you are prepared on a daily level to invest time Yourself
in order to Implement unique tools Help you control In your results!

Conversely if you hope That someone else Will change your results (not going to happen)
And / or searcher Magic solutions (do not exist)
The program is not for you



Want to continue with blasts and frustration
Learning your life lessons and moving forward?

חץ למטה

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מה אתם לחשוב ולהגיד על הטיפ הזה?


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