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הסוד למחשבות

The secret to muscles

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Daily tip

The secret to muscles

הסוד לשרירים


Every day we mA.Arousal,

Life pushes us.


the question is: 

the mother Are we pushing back?


The muscles That we need to develop To push,
Are not in our feet,
In our backs

Or in our hands.


They are in our head (thoughts) and heart (emotions).


We need to develop the One of our strongest muscles:
The ability to control our thoughts…

This is a very important advanced skill
To allow us Control our present energy!


Today is my day to wake up and control the most influential factor in my life - my thoughts  <==





Love and smile,


עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®

ILay Michaeli

creator The Code The factor97%®

SYNC Energetic ™ between The subconscious mind
With 100% warranty For results - without me In Israel!


revolution In personal development

SYNC The conscious andSubconscious !


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קו מפריד

I am assistant To the people who have them An unwanted result Template (Repeats repeatedly)

to reach Awe-inspiring result  

By Energetic Sync ™ between The conscious ToUnconscious Through Method The factor97%®

Here you can see the introductory video for the 971 TP1T®  


קו מפריד

"You changed my life. Your course, the insights into life I came to you
And the way I interpret reality today thanks to you is worth millions. Thank you."

שינית לי את החיים. הקורס שלך, התובנות שהגעתי בזכותך והדרך שבה אני מפרש את המציאות היום בזכותך שווה מליונים. תודה רבה. ישר כוח. המשך לשנות לאנשים את החיים ולהראות להם את הדרך.



In summary, to make it crisp and clear ...


Stuck Unwanted result?
Parity… Money… Relationships… Career / Business… Procrastination… Anxiety… Health…


How to choose Solution?

Just go where you are 2 things: 
1. outcome Promised That gives you a solution toCause The root The result your
2. Written warranty of 100% Refund backing up The promised result


The research discovery Revolutionary !

The reason The root The result (The outside world) lies In the Inner World:
Lack SYNC Energetic 
between The subconscious mind!

לתשומת לבך

solution without me In Israel!

A revolutionary method Giving solution to Whole For the reason The root The result:
The Code The factor97%®
Registered Patent No. 279397
Energetic synchronization between the subconscious mind ™
By 3 exclusive processes - 
Keys The Mind ™


outcome Promised !

Improving 3 skills Accurate That allow to you
B… world The inner your (Conscious + subconscious)
that is The reason The root To… world The exterior your (Results) :

1. Control the conscious energy Your present
2. Control the effects of the subconscious your 
3. synchronize between The subconscious mind your
(The reason The root To your result)


responsibility Written !
100% Warranty
 Results. You did not improve - 100% Refund !

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