Want to get rid of blasts?

Being in a loving relationship?
To finally earn what you are worth?
To turn fears and anger into self-confidence and calm?

Why didn't it happen to this day?

And what is the price you pay for it?

That's it, do you want change now?

The method revealed here
Cracked the cause Cause
שקובע את התוצאה !

 The uniqueness of the method is that we are
Focusing at the ROOT That is responsible for the result and not the symptom.

What does it mean? 
For example, when we have a migraine we take a headache pill
that is the Symptom, instead of finding out The source of the migraine, which is ROOT of the Problem.

Lack of treatmentROOT of the Problem Escalates the Problem.

This is the principle in every area of our lives.

What is the ROOT of the result?

SYNC (I.e. coordination) between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind.

Scientific Studies Determine:
95-99% of the time there is no SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind .

Without this SYNC we have almost no chance of making significant successes over time !!

In front of you The method developed over 13 years
And, for the first time, manages to remove
The true block For people's success
with Commitment!

Revolutionary development cracked the ciphers of success!

Hi, my name is ILay Michaeli

עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®

For 13 years I have developed a single method of its kind in Israel
That creates rapid and lasting success in the lives of everyone who uses it.

My specialty is cracking The Inner Root Responsible for the conscious and subconscious outcome
And I teach people the method so that they become the MASTER of their life.

The unique mechanism of the method is the 3 Mind ™ keys
Which are 3 advanced processes that combine unique techniques
From the 3 dimensions, mental, emotional and energetic that connect the parts to Whole
Allowing admirable results.

(there is no use of techniques such as NLP, Guided Imagery, Positive Statements, Meditations, or other familiar ones)

Why choose the method Energy Sync Compared to the others?

There is no single technique that creates SYNC Among the subconscious mind…

Every technique is focused Only in 1 of the 2 dimensions of the Mind (Conscious + Subconscious) at the same time
andDoes not create SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind.

That is why it provides a solution SOS Partial and no solution to Whole To the problem…

For example, guided imagination, meditations and positive statements Bypass The problem
And create Manipulation of reality Which seems to have solved the problem

While it was not resolved but only the Symptom.

for example,
You have recurrent migraine and you feel a headache.
Then you take paracetamol
And it might help you reduce or lower your headache. 
But then you might think that paracetamol is the solution to migraine headaches. 
It is not…
The paracetum may be a partial and temporary solution to the headache (the symptom),
But in doing so you silenced the messenger whose purpose it is
Attract your attention to the Root - the real reason for your migraines ...

And because we think this problem is solved Prevents us from taking care at the ROOT,
And the result is Perpetuating and deepening the problem + creating more problems!

After a while we find out That we wasted Months / years
And thousands / tens of thousands 
 andThe problem still exists (and usually more difficult)… 

לאחר פגישות עם מומחי CBT, פסיכולוגים, מומחי EMDR, התוכנית הצליחה להביא אותי למצב נפשי, ערות ושליטה שאף אחד לא הצליח להביא אותי לפני כן. ~ אילן - מנהל חב' הייטק

Want to help people (and in the process yourself)?

Here's a development revolutionary That promises 
Success in every area of your life!

Control it And you won't need any more tools…

בנוסף תוכל להשתלב כמנטור במסגרת תוכניות החברה !

People tell me the same story over and over

I did 'everything'…
Courses, consultants, trainers, therapists and workshops
And I know What and how to do…
And I moved too Personal development and empowerment
And even if there were cases where I saw an improvement in my score,
after a while
The same frustrating result comes back again!


If that sounds familiar to you, I get it.


Let's think Why It happens, from the beginning to the beginning ...

You have a better result in real time than you wanted or failed.

It happens ?

Once you understand simplicity The answer will be revealed to you Solution lock

And here it is the answer,
Assuming you are Knows What to do,
There is a 2 reasons Possible why your result is not good
And they are related To your behavior in real time:
1. You didn't What you had to do (you didn't at all Or you did upside down)
2. You did in a way Partial or temporary What you had to do

 It happens ?

Once you understand simplicity The answer will be revealed to you The key to the solution lock

You are toA controls the emotions Yours in real time 
Like fear, anger, anxiety, self-insecurity and more
and hence…
are you Does not control behavior Yours in real time
Like procrastination, inaction, upside down, or middle level,
Utilizing ineffective time, uncontrollable behavior that hurts you and others and more
and hence…
are you Does not control the result Your in real time! 

Increase income,
Relationships and relationships,
Weight loss,
Improving self-confidence,
Release from anger, fears and anxieties
And more ...

The automatic template
This won't change until you realize that…

in order to Control the outcome You need to control… ROOT The result.

For this you need…

For real time success!

From mental / emotional training (the conscious)

to- The conscious

From subconscious therapy

to- Subconscious

The problem!

we Compromise ourselves and our result,
Stuck in frustration and repeat the same painful mistakes…

We are, in fact, living only a part of life that is possible for us
And this is reflected in the fact that we are
Do not earn as much as we can, 

Lonely or insufficient relationships,
Do not have enough influence on our power over others,
Living in a non-connection to our complete identity,
Don't recognize our value,
Without real joy and living in fears and anxieties,
Harm our health,
And do not fulfill our original purpose

because of…

we Out of sync For survival (instead of success)! 

That's why we are Don't do in real time What we need to do. 
(And most often we do upside down What we need) 

This leads to…
 Lack of control over our result in real time.

for example

We need / want to do something
Asking for money from a customer, asking for a raise from the boss, putting ourselves in 1st place,
Get out of a destructive relationship, start with a man, improve the relationship with your spouse or family,
To stop devastating behavior, 
Working out in the gym, working towards establishing / growing your business / career,
To initiate and lead, 
Control our fears / anger / anxieties, stand up for ourselves and be assertive,
Eat healthy, Stop wanting others, making commitments to ourselves and others and more…

And we don't or Do the opposite
Do the same thing again Stuck In the existing situation,
Doing the opposite, procrastination, mediocre / failing, running away,
Using Magic or Chemical Balls and more

In practice we do not control ourselves in real time
And we are Powered by automatic template
That creates Uncontrollable urge, fears, anger, insecurities And more… 

And the result She is again not good.

And so we are Compromise
About the result and ourselves and think That we are not good enough and do not deserve it

And this leads to feelings like frustration, fear, anger (and aggression), decreased self-image and self-confidence
And further to helplessness and despair… 

When we control our behavior (and what drives it) in real time 
We will control our result in real time.

Look in depth,
 And look Which is why the TP1T in 2001 did not deliver the good results… 
(If you find a case that is not the case please call me 03-6969221)

why is it happening ?

Because That my programming is subconscious We are being managed Automatically
And we are Do not control ourselves (And our behavior) in real time

There is a gap Among the subconscious mind,
We want something consciously and unconsciously limiting beliefs Blocks us… 

there is no SYNC Among our subconscious mind!
(ROOT The result set above 90% of the result)

 Instead of being synchronized for success (growth) we are synchronized for survival! 

Watch the video

Dr. Bruce Lipton - Epigenetics
1 minutes

 How the Law of Attraction works (briefly)

Everything in our universe is built From energy.
Science has proven That some energy attracts similar energy her.

 if there is gap Energetic (out of sync) between The subconscious mind,
What are called messages Contradictory,
Energy The subconscious will determine the outcome We will Over time… 
(Research has proven to be a million times stronger than conscious energy)

You can't violate Physical Law.
Energy frequency Will always find you The energy compatible in order to To synchronize.

 Everything you have tried (workshops, therapists, trainers, consultants) partially or temporarily helped 
Because they did manipulation On reality… Instead of treating at the ROOT Reality!

 You will now receive 

The COMPLETE Solution The only one In Israel to rule at the ROOT Reality
The Code SYNC Conscious and Subconscious ™
 For real time success!

The Code this SYNC™ gives you control Yourself in real time 
And so you can control your results in real time
And create SYNC For real-time success !

The control of the result passes to us When we are
Moving from symptom to… ROOT The result

What is the research truth behind our results?

Studies In neurology (brain research)
And epigenetics (Outside gardens)


above 90% From our result
Controlled by ROOT The result!

2 Mind Parts:


"95% Life does not come from my will but from my programming Unconscious (Most of the time) and we're the only ones who don't see it "

Dr. Bruce Lipton -


"99% From what we see in the present projected from our memory, because That the conscious Only controls 11 TP1T through the five physical senses "

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Roth -
A brain researcher

Revolutionary development cracked the secret The control In the result!

Watch the video

11:34 minutes

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The Mechanism The unique Of the method 
3 Keys for Mind ™ Sync

Combining techniques from 3 dimensions: mental, emotional and energetic


For real time success!

1.  SYNC Of the conscious mind - synchronization between emotion and thought and life lesson
The result: control of the result In the present

2. SYNC Of the subconscious - synchronization between the limiting belief and the lesson of life
Which includes energetic cleansing and embedding an empowering faith
The result: the cessation of the present impact of embedded survival programming In the past

3. SYNC Between the subconscious and the subconscious - synchronizing the relationship between the present and the past
Which includes closing the destructive auto circuit and opening a path to success
The result: programming for success in the future

Key 1 - Present cipher

 SYNC Of the conscious mind

Real-time result control In the present By
3 processes Exclusive Combining A number of unique techniques:

1. Automatic switchover (over 90% of time) decant (Not by meditation)
2. control In my thoughts
3. control With emotions
4. control In behavior
5. To be in interpersonal communication Effective
6. Learn the Life lessons your

Key 2 - Past Code

 SYNC Of the subconscious

Disable programming for survival From the past By
2 processes Exclusive Combining a number of unique techniques:

1. Discover my embedded survival programming In the past
2. Energetically clean up the embedded programming In the past
3. Embed new beliefs
4. Learn the Life lessons your

Key 3 - Live Sync

 SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind

Programming for success in the future By
process without me Combining a number of unique techniques:

create a SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind your (First and only of its kind)!

Why Choose 3 Keys for Mind ™ Sync Compared to the others?

3 keys Mind ™ synchronization Works upside down From techniques

same as

Coaching, Scientology, Theta Healing, Humankind, Landmark, Frequency, Aryan Lev Method, EMDR,
Elijah Shiri, Omega, Meditation, Byron Katie, CBT, Journey, Brain 1,
Natalie Ben David - Satya Mindfulness Mindfulness, Ora Golan Method, Eric Peled Method,
CK Psych-K, Deutscher Method, Guided Imagination, Awareness - Metaism, NLP - NLP 

Or other techniques That bypass The problem with tools like Guided Imagery,
Meditations, autosuggestions and positive and making statements Manipulation of reality !

Each technique only focuses on 1 of
2 partial ROOT The result (Conscious + subconscious) simultaneously
and hence Does not create SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind But gives a solution partial And temporary to the symptom.

It's okay as long as you realize it is Only SOS and no solution to the problem
Because otherwise

After a while we find out That we wasted Months / years
And thousands / tens of thousands 
 andThe problem still exists (and usually more difficult)… 

Some of the testimonials from people who made the program:

"The program addresses the cause rather than the problem and the consequences are immediate and rewarding. Einat."

התוכנית מטפלת בסיבה ולא בבעיה והתוצאוות הן מיידיות ומתגמלות. עינת.

"Instead of reducing the number of employees ... I'm tripling ... what I haven't done in the last seven years"

"My sensitivity threshold was sharpened ... and my ability to listen and embrace was strengthened by dozens of counters"

"My relationship with my wife went back to the early days we fell in love with ..."

"The freedom to choose what and how I want to feel and think is endless, amazing and fun without boundaries"

"The house is booming and the children are happy. The impact on the children is huge ..."

במקום לצמצם את מספר העובדים הקיים, בפחות מחודשיים עם מה שלמדתי בסדנה אני משלש את מספר העובדים ואני bookt עד לעוד חצי שנה לפחות. מה שלא הצלחתי לעשות במשך שבע השנים האחרונות. --- סף הרגישות שלי התחדד והיכולת שלי לראות (לאהוב) אנשים וזה לא משנה אם אני מכיר אותם או לא, לחייך להקשיב להודות ולחבק התעצם עשרות מונים. --- אני יכול לתאר איך במשך מספר שבועות בודדים בעזרתו של עילאי עם כמה כלים פשוטים, הקשר שלי עם אשתי חזר לימים הראשונים בהם התאהבנו והחלטנו להתחתן (התאהבנו אחד בשנייה מחדש). --- החופש לבחור בכל רגע מה ואיך אני רוצה להרגיש ולחשוב הינו אין סופי מדהים ומהנה וללא גבולות. --- הבית פורח והילדים שמחים. ההשפעה על הילדים עצומה. הספיקו שתי טכניקות כדי לשנות אצלן התנהגויות של שנים שלא הצלחנו להבין למה זה כך.

"Dear dear, so precious, because of you I overcame a major health crisis and returned to Ethnicity ..."

עילאי יקר, כל כך יקר, בזכותך התגברתי על משבר בריאותי גדול וחזרתי לאיתני. מקווה שאוכל לממש זאת, בתחומים אחרים בחיי. תודה וחג שמח

"I split my life in two, before and after the program "

אני מחלק את חיי לשניים, לפני ואחרי התוכנית.

"I have attended quite a few courses and workshops of equal value and quality
And what Alai Michaeli gives is a higher, deeper and more accurate level. "

השתתפתי בלא מעט קורסים וסדנאות מהשווים והאיכותיים שיש ומה שעילאי מיכאלי נותן הוא ברמה גבוהה, עמוקה ומדויקת יותר.

"The program has managed to get me in the state of mind, alertness and control that no one has been able to bring me before."

לאחר פגישות עם מומחי CBT, פסיכולוגים, מומחי EMDR, התוכנית הצליחה להביא אותי למצב נפשי, ערות ושליטה שאף אחד לא הצליח להביא אותי לפני כן. ~ אילן - מנהל חב' הייטק

"You owe me my amazing relationship. You are the best coach I have ever met ...
The result affected my life for years to come "

חייבת לך את הזוגיות המדהימה שלי. אתה בעיני המאמן הכי טוב שאי פעם פגשתי, ואני לא אומרת את זה בשביל הפוסט אלא באמת מהלב. לא קל איתך אבל זה לא באמת משנה אם התוצאה השפיעה על חיי לשנים קדימה

In conclusion

If you feel That you do not have (enough) control In your results,
And you Stuck in frustrating result,
the question is do you want
 For a partial or temporary solution And the problem will stay or come back
A complete and permanent solution that will give you real-time result control?

solution to Whole

You must understand that not enough care Only in some of the complex,
Only consciously
or Only subconsciously

(No matter which technique)
because they parts of ROOT The result.

The complex must be handled Complete Solution By SYNC Between the subconscious mind!
(There is not one technique that does the synchronization)

3 Keys Mind ™ synchronization
is a
solution to Whole control 
at the ROOT The result only In Israel.
(Connects the parts to pay)
Each developer combines a number of techniques Uniqueness
Giving you 2-part control ROOT The result and creator SYNC to Success
between our conscious and subconscious mind As necessary To control your results!

It's an approach Revolutionary That helps people Control themselves and their results
By zip code upside down
Postal Code at the ROOT Instead of the symptom…

And as mentioned
There is no technique that creates SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind
Because each technique focuses on one point in time or
 Consciously or Subconsciously
And so at best gives only control partially at the ROOT The result


Join now To the personal development revolution Next
To give Complete Solution (Single in Israel) to your customers!


The path to training

Syncing Energy God-Mind

Mind Energy Sync


2 route steps:


Step # 1

 Plan Code of Life ™ code 

Focus on your life

Step # 2

The path to training Syncing Energy God-Mind 

The Practicum Conducted in sessions with SUPERVISION LIVE And in surgery In hindsight of sessions

Who is the route for? ?

Academics, mentors, coaches, therapists, organizational consultants,

For administrators, teachers, people who want to do professional retraining

And for anyone who wants to work with people, empower them

And help them synchronize The Mind Energy their.

Required features

יש Devotion and integrity

יש Seriousness and responsibility

יש A sense of mission to help people increase their energy frequency

יש philanthropy

יש Excellence

יש Patience and sensitivity


For all the graduates Promised Integration as mentors
במסגרת תוכנית ייחודית של החברה

Fill in details and move forward to SYNC Success in time REAL Time.

Immediately after filling in the details, you will be taken to the page experience And you will A result that will amaze you!

Using male language is for convenience only.

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