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Do you fall into this trap

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Life Insight + 1 minute practice for success
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The purpose of life


Do you fall into this trap

האם אתם נופלים למלכודת הזו


People usually look at the success of othersAnger and jealousy.

They think to themselves,
"They are just lucky"
"These idiotic rich. "


It's a trap!


You have to understand that if you look at
Rich and / or successful people In one area or another,
As people Bad
In some way,
And you want to be Good man,
So you are never You can't be Rich and / or successful.


is a Impossible - How can you be something you are Despise?


If you are disgruntled at what other people have, 

You won't have it though P.O.With !
(At all or you will get lost and intermittent)


Pay attention Anger and jealousy they Negative impurity energies
Offending us in the outside dimension (results)
And the inner (mental and physiological).


What inspires you The negative energy This one
The subconscious rings
That we carry from the past ...


To pass Insights into practice,
Answer the question now
"What anger / jealousy have I experienced lately?"

* You can write down your experience / question related comments below and relate it personally.


חץ למטה






Love and smile,


עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%®

ILay Michaeli

creator The Code The factor97%®

SYNC Energetic ™ between The subconscious mind
Freedom control In the results
100% Warranty for Effectiveness of Techniques!


 מה השיטה איתה הוא עובד?  זה לא השיטה. זה האדם! התדר בו הוא נמצא. האמת הפנימית שהוא מצליח לחיות על פיה. נסיון חייו שהביאו אותו לפתח משהו שיש בו כלים פשוטים אך ששילובם הנכון ודרך העבודה לא מאפשרים לך לברוח מההתמודדות ומסייעים לך לעבור אותה. הוא לא נראה מורה רוחני באופן המוכר וגם לא מדבר או מתנהג כך. הוא משלב רוחניות וכלים מעשיים שיחד יוצרים סנכרון בין מודע לתת מודע ובעיקר מחברים אותך לאמת שלך. לשיעורי החיים שלך, למסר שהם מביאים ולהוצאתו לפועל. הוא לא אדם דתי אך יותר מאמין, מחובר, ישר ואמיתי מכל אדם דתי שהכרתי.



The Code SYNC Energetic ™ between the subconscious mind

Gives you a solution to the Root The result

And freedom control In your results!


© Record Creation # 3856


You will not receive The same in any approach / technique / method, such as:
Coaching, Scientology, Theta Healing, Humanicine, Landmark, Frequency, Aryan Lev Method, CBT,
Elijah Shiri, Omega, Meditation, Silva, Byron Katie, EMDR, The Journey, Proactive,
Guided Imagination, Mindfulness Mindfulness, Ora Golan Method, Eric Peled Method, Positive Psychology,
Cy-Psych Psych-K, 
Deutscher Method, Satya, Awareness - Metaism, Reality Thought, NLP - NLP
Or others that most use tools Sleeping From the 60s and 70s



Experiment meeting

You have opportunity experience In the technique Unique From - The Code Energetic synchronization
Understand how much The revolutionary process Exclusive It changes lives
And get The result release Amazing negative emotions !
חץ למטה




I am assistant To the people who have them An unwanted result Template (Repeats repeatedly)

to reach Awe-inspiring result

By Energetic Sync ™ between The conscious ToUnconscious Through Method The factor97%®

Here you can see the introductory video for the 971 TP1T®





"You changed my life. Your course, the insights into life I came to you
And the way I interpret reality today thanks to you is worth millions. Thank you."

שינית לי את החיים. הקורס שלך, התובנות שהגעתי בזכותך והדרך שבה אני מפרש את המציאות היום בזכותך שווה מליונים. תודה רבה. ישר כוח. המשך לשנות לאנשים את החיים ולהראות להם את הדרך.



In summary, to make it crisp and clear ...


3 Truths Haim


1. the road The unit Control the outcome (External world)
 She Control inROOT The result (inner world).

2. ROOT The result is SYNC Between the conscious and the subconscious.

3. The Code The factor97%® gives Complete Solution  only In Israel
To create SYNC Between the conscious and the subconscious


Stuck Unwanted result?
Parity… Money… Relationships… Career / Business… Procrastination… Anxiety… Health…


wants to solution partial For the symptom
or solution to Whole to the Root Your result?

Go only Where you are being given 3 things:
1.solution to Whole to the Root The result yourSYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind
2.outcome Guaranteed following application The techniques Are being taught

3. responsibility Written Of 100% Refund To the promised result

לתשומת לבך

The purpose of life

It is important is very Understand that there are no shortcuts or magic solutions ...
Only exists Life Triangle *:
1. See Right The occurrence of the present
2. to cope With the negative energy
3. and…Learn the Life lessons our

* Most importantly, we need to learn How to do it ourselves For the rest of our lives 


I am promising Give you the exact tools and guidance to live the The Triangle of Life.


better not Blame others And / or you Your destiny…


As it says in Proverbs: "In the end, the fate ..." (Tz LEG)
Rashi: "Destiny will be cast in the lap"- Between himself and himself a man casts destiny



Who does it fit (and who doesn't)?

spoken In-depth process With Advanced tools Individuals In Israel
Who give solution to Whole to the Root The result your
Which are combined with Personal support Exactly Throughout the process
So you learn Your life lessons (The reason why things happen in the first place).


This combination gives you the The best chance control In your results.


It suits you if you Want to beat blasts and frustration And ready to invest
(Average hour per day) And money (NIS thousands) 
in order to control In your results!

Whoever hopes That someone else Will change his results (not going to happen)
And / or searcher Magic solution (Does not exist) or Instant solution (Does not exist)
It's not for him



You will progress to a match check if you are Want very much now Solve the problem…

חץ למטה

Want to get some practical benefit?

Write me a comment below what to take from insight and practice to success and what you can do now to benefit and respond to you personally…

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Reply to this email and you will receive a personal reply.

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A life-changing process!

Online Session release You subconscious trigger

That blocks you In different areas (amazing feeling)!


מה אתם לחשוב ולהגיד על הטיפ הזה?


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