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"Your workshop did not change me, but a makeover" - sings

"Dear Sir, Much peace.

I found it appropriate to write you a few words of thanks for the workshop I went through.
Like many people, I looked at it as a teenager, etc.
It is precisely from my acquaintance with such and such courses and courses that my gratitude is double and doubled.

Your workshop did not change my mind, but a makeover.

The tools you have given me balance between my business and personal life, between giving and receiving.
You could say that you made me order and priorities that my life upgraded ten counts.

I think a workshop with tools like yours is in reality committed to anyone with a real awareness and desire to live a better life.
I double the emphasis for career women who are supposed to incorporate a lot of hats in the world such as: home, children, personal time and the list goes on.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many caring, professional and hours you have given us and especially for not giving up. "

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