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"Something very significant that happened to me in life and completely changed it ..." - Nir

"My name is Nir and I want to share with you something very significant that has happened to me in life and changed it completely and for you it too can happen.
It starts about two years ago .. I was in a very confused life situation, a young 30-year-old who graduated with a degree in business and can't find himself alive or more properly finds himself not where he thought he would be at that age.
I will not see you through everything I went through, but there were many ups and downs and in recent years mostly downs and the lowest downs were about two years ago when I turned 30 and found myself without serious work, serious relationships or anything else in my life.

In those days, an incident happened to me that today looking back was not meant to be significant
But then in the mental state I was in and how I would interpret events I took it to a very difficult place.

Destiny wanted to, and three days later from that event, I came to an acquaintance with Supreme. At that first meeting, I demonstrated for the first time a cleansing to that event which proved to me that it had far beyond what I could understand.
The cost of the course was not cheap, especially in light of the difficult financial situation I was in but I felt it was something I owe myself and I must not give up. Already during the course, I realized that what I was learning was a treasure and as the course progressed, that feeling became stronger.

Two years later from the end of the course, I can look back and see that the same feeling also has tangible evidence.
With the subconscious mind and the thinking I learned in the course, I drew to life everything I imagined and wanted.
Today, I am a successful business owner, married to an amazing woman and living in a lovely home in the same seat as I described. More important than all material things is my mental strength, how I deal with reality, my interpretation of events that happen and my alertness to what goes on in my head all the time.

I share you with my story on my own initiative for two reasons.
The first is, of course, that I feel that I was saved, and I was looking for a way to give him some gratitude.
The second is to help other people who may be in a difficult situation today and are debating whether to take the course and are not sure that it will pay off.
Help them make the right decision and make a decision. If I was able to influence even one then I was mine. Thank you."

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