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"You taught me a new way of life, a way of life of winners" - he will agitate

"I do not intend to glorify or glorify any method or belief, but I will tell of a personal case that happened to me and let you draw conclusions on your own.

I signed up for the show because I read the secret and saw the movie.

I will briefly say that I came to the Code of Life program after deciding to improve maturity in a specific area that I always had strong negative beliefs about - math.

In other words, I did not believe and did not think I could reach high marks in this field.

I decided based on the process I learned in the workshop that I take at least 90 in the math matriculation test.

I'm talking to you here about 60 and below grade history.

The papers were listed for the "hardest test" test, in the classroom teachers said "the new format this year is harder than before."

I'll go short ... On the day of the test I went with a smile and returned with a smile.

As soon as I got home I called my teacher and we passed the test together and according to her assessment according to my answers, my score is + 90…

The method works and it will continue to work for me and for anyone to act on it.

Thank you very much for the help and support and most importantly for teaching me a new way of life, a way of winning! "

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