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"Now I understand what I am worth, and how much I believe in myself" - my object

"Dear Ilai, I wanted to thank you for calling me the day after the introductory meeting for the general public, and not giving up on me until I signed up for your workshop.

I was in a very difficult period of my life, and in a desperate attempt to do anything to get out of the slippery pit I fell into, I came to an introductory meeting of the workshop.
The first session interested me very much, but I was not sure I wanted to continue doing the workshop.
I feared that this was again one of those workshops that guaranteed happiness and success in truth, which I thought I had known before as well. I held the view that there are no shortcuts in difficult times and just have to get through them. Time does its thing.

I signed up without much desire and mostly because I wanted to have somewhere to go.

Today, after the second session, I have no words to thank you for calling me and not giving up on me for joining the workshop.
I feel like the universe is opening up to me. The material you convey is fascinating, surprising and endlessly thought-provoking.

I found myself implementing the chores devoutly and discovered, to my surprise, that things were doing their thing.

Even if there is still sadness in me about a chapter in life that is over, it is no longer bad sadness, I no longer feel a victim of circumstances. It was sadness and joy together, of forgiveness and gratitude, that were essential to my re-growth. And I do grow. I managed to close a chapter and opened a new chapter. I show enthusiasm, faith and a strong desire to succeed.

I started moving a project that for a year was stuck in my head and might not have broken out if I hadn’t gotten to the workshop.

Now I see the goodness of the world and the infinity of possibilities available to me. Now I understand what I'm worth, and how much I believe in myself. 

So thank you for all that, from the bottom of my heart. "

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