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"This is just the beginning ... and it makes me feel the happiest in the world" - David


"Hello everyone!
This email is very lovingly dedicated to the great Michaeli without whom all this would not have been written nor would have happened.

My uncle and I are called from the center. I wanted to share with you some amazing things that have happened to me lately.
I got into the code of life code in a very poor personal situation, when I was mugged with my boss at work who recommended moving me elsewhere and of course due to being "stuck" and not seeing the horizon.
At home, the situation was mutual disrespect between me and my partner, whom I love very much, but that was the case.
Financially, I felt hopeless to realize the dream - to buy a family home with a beautiful yard and view.
Socially I was very distant from people and I had almost no circle of friends.

From a health standpoint, I was careful about physical fitness and nutrition - it was the thing that kept me in the line of sanity.

Here are some things that happened in my life as a result of the program:

A. A makeover in my workplace - but from end to end:
* I went to my boss with whom I was awfully short and told him very simply that I apologize to him if I hurt him and to know that I forgave him for everything he did to me too.
From that moment on I was a different person, I felt clean and felt great afterwards.
I was much more sociable to my surroundings and I was willing to help anyone who wanted help.
I gave a lot of warm attitude and friends to those around me.
I was only thinking positive thoughts and when I came to a negative thought I turned on the model I was learning and it flew elsewhere.
Today a situation was created at work that everyone who hurt me, as if in a magic headquarters, was removed from my path and transferred to another position
(Yes my boss was also moved to another position).
Don't believe it but today, yes today I got the job I dreamed of.
I don't believe it happened, but it's realistic and real. I feel in the clouds.
I will perform this role with great dedication and I will be very successful in it - incidentally it is such a central role in the organization that only I got it despite what it was.

B. Bring my partner and daughters closer to me and be a father but also a friend:
* I decided to become a more comfortable and less powerful person, and to flow more however I decided to live with her forever.
I decided to look more from her point of view and not judge her all the time because after all she is carrying the burden at home. I decided to pamper and caress more and be more of a person who shares his feelings and less of a freak of control. I dedicated a lot to improving the situation without expecting immediate acceptance.

My wife often asked me, "Say you're sure everything's fine with you, I'm not used to everything I ask you do." Today God bless the situation at home - we are just happy.

third. As for the economic side, I decided not to jump over the "popik" and not to direct my life according to what my friends have
I decided to liquidate all my loans. I decided to continue living at the level we live in today and rejoice in what is there.
I realized that while creating my thoughts on the house I want - I realized that this house is already on my way, but it's only a matter of time before it arrives.
What I'm doing right now is concentrating on my feelings as if I already live in this house and believe me, maybe I sound crazy to you but it feels great to me. Suddenly we are no longer stressed.

In the meantime, I am in the final stages of covering all my loans up to the last of which and very soon our standard of living will improve unmistakably.

D. Socially I decided to make a fundamental change:
* I decided first to be a friend of others and this way I will attract more and more friends to me.
I decided to show others that I cared about them and shared my problems and feelings and thoughts and so I made more friends in my life.
Today I have many friends both in the workplace and outside.
I am much more attentive to others and less self-centered.

In summary - this is only the beginning but I love it and it makes me feel the happiest in the world.
I thank the Lord for exposing me to all these amazing things and thank the universe for deciding to credit me with these rewards.
To anyone who doubts and raises an eyebrow I say either you will continue, and others in the meantime will reap the glory while you doubt, or you will sober up quickly and enter this amazing process and be much happier.
That's my promise. "

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