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"The changes that I wanted so much began" - Galit

“In January I joined the workshop and since then, you could say I was experiencing two wonderful months where the changes I wanted so much began.

I wanted to "make" more money in my life - and I am at the stage of starting an independent business alongside my occupation as an employee, and I am happy.

I asked to lose weight, and I have lost less than 6 kg since the workshop.

I asked for peace, harmony, wholeness, calmness and control in different situations in my life… and I am in the midst of a revolution - and the measure of this is in my inner feeling - I am happy, happy, whole and full of satisfaction, quiet and safe.

As an employee, I asked to improve my terms of employment and I was approved for a significant promotion in the position while significantly improving my salary.

In my relationship I gained a deep, sensitive, close and harmonious bond and we achieved the ability to talk about everything without getting hurt.

In fact, it can be said that here I have germinated the first seed for success through the guidance and tools I have eagerly acquired from you.

And above all, thank you supreme for the path you have opened for me to a deep understanding of the meaning of my choice in every situation in my life.

Thanks to you I feel WINNER every day!

Supreme, keep doing good to the people. "

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