אם את/ה תלוי/ה In others In solving your problem
לעולם לא תהיה לך control בחיים שלך!

כאן תקבל/י פתרון to Whole Control yourself and your outcome.

The reason The real one why U.S Stuck In an undesirable result
Relationships | Money | Relationships Procrastination Anger | Fears health
And live most of the time בתבניות התנהגות אוטומטיות
גם לאחר שניסינו שיטות אימון וטיפול שונות 
חוסר שליטה בתוצאה שלנו בזמן REAL Time!


What is really the secret to success?

One answer is:
The secret to success in every area of life
Is the cause The personal [The Hidden] that determines 97% From the result
ROOT The result!


Hi, my name is ILay Michaeli
And I am committed to you and success your.
(If you are committed to yourself)

I do not see myself as a therapist, coach or counselor
But as Syncing Between the conscious and the subconscious.

Among other things, I served as the mental coach of the Maccabi Tel Aviv players
And of the participants in the TV show "The Mirror".

Method FULL Mind Sync Which I developed for 13 years 
Lets achieve Quick results are admirable
1. Cracking Accurate personal of ROOT of the Problem
2. Solution Complete and fast to the Root of the Problem

A few words about how it all started…
בשנת 2002 הבנתי שאני חוזר שוב ושוב על אותן Problematic behaviors Who led 
For painful failures Both in the personal field and in the business field.
It looks like I am Managed remote control 
וזה גרם לי תסכול וחוסר אונים.

After years of searching for a solution that cost me close to half a million , In which I tried different techniques and approaches, 
I realized in retrospect that the techniques worked In external symptoms And gave Temporary partial solution
But were not treated at the ROOT of the Problem.

I realized there was something very Deep that blocks me And my success But I did not find a solution
And the repeated failures brought me down To frustration and helplessness

 One day (the day that changed my life),
I received as a gift an old book with it Unique technique.
Something made me use the technique that day, and for the first time I saw A substantial change. 
השינוי היה מהיר ומשמעותי והתחלתי להשיג Results that amazed me and others.

For the first time I felt That control of my life passes to me.

From this moment
 זה הפך עבורי לשליחות לעזור לאחרים 
And after 13 years 
I got to cracking The cause The hidden The result.

The result is Winning formula One And single 
That crackles You ROOT The result (which determines 97% From the result) 
And makes us masters of our lives.
The formula Exclusive Allows us 97% [ומעלה] שליטה In the result.

And I present it to you today
FULL Mind Sync

The results
That people get in all areas of life in activation The exclusive formula
Amazing them Both from the result itself and from the speed with which the result is achieved.
People come to the program with a main goal and within the process they get Unexpected bonuses 
same as Weight lossDecrease in blood pressure Plus, even though they didn't work on it directly 
Because in the moment Cracked The root is a משפיע על כל מעגלי החיים החיצוניים שלנו…

what The uniqueness Of the ™ methodFULL Mind Sync?

Most training and therapy methods are therapeutic In symptoms The external
With techniques like Guided imagery, meditations and positive statements
And tell people they care at the ROOT Of the problem in the subconscious.

is a Not true!
Everything that techniques like 
Guided imagery, meditations and positive statements Do
is a manipulation About the subconscious (they have nothing to do with the subconscious)
  and hence Driven Correct vision of reality and solution of the problem.

They may sometimes give temporary or partial relief,
But because
That was not really treated ROOT The result true block [Which research states 97% From the result] 
It is just a 'plaster' and most people find out after a waste of a lot of time and money
 That the problem was not solved and sometimes even aggravated.

ROOT The result true block Consists of the conscious and the subconscious.

The secret to controlling the outcome
 SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind!
[there is no A technique that treats both the conscious and the subconscious at one point in time and therefore there is no A technique that creates SYNC Between the conscious and the subconscious]

MethodFULL Mind Sync
Cracks in shape Exactly You ROOT The result true block That affects all A domain in your life
And assures you 97% control In your result!

This is the method The unit That you give control
at the ROOT The result true block your Through process without me*
that creates 
SYNC Between your subconscious mind.
there is no A technique that can create SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind Because there is no A technique that treats both the conscious and the subconscious at one point in time

The exclusive process Combines Techniques Uniqueness and practicality From the three dimensions - Mentally, emotionally and energetically
Connecting the parts to Whole And therefore allow you to achieve Fast and admirable results
And feel That your destiny is in your hands!

The real reason for the blasts!
we Stuck BA painful and frustrating result
Although we have tried workshops and trainers in different methods

because of…
there is no SYNC Between our conscious and subconscious!

Why choose the innovative method
FULL Mind Sync 

Compared to other methods?

שיטת FULL Mind Sync She The unit That creates SYNC Between the conscious and our subconscious and she Works upside down From other methods

same as

Coaching, Scientology, Theta Healing, Humankind, Landmark, Frequency, Aryan Lev Method, EMDR,
Elijah Shiri, Omega, Meditation, Byron Katie, CBT, Journey, Brain 1,
Natalie Ben David - Satya, Mindfulness, Ora Golan Method, Arik Peled Method,
CK Psych-K, Deutscher Method, Guided Imagination, Awareness - Metaism, NLP - NLP 

Or others who use techniques That bypass The problem as Guided Imagery,
Meditations and positive and doing statements Manipulation of reality!

Each technique only focuses on 1 of
2 partial ROOT The result (Conscious + subconscious) simultaneously
and hence Does not create SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind But gives a solution partial And temporary to the symptom.

It's okay as long as you realize it is Only SOS and no solution to the problem
Because otherwise

We usually find out That despite the practice of Long months
And spending tens of thousands 
₪, The problem is not solved and usually even aggravated… 

In conclusion

If you feel Stuck in a painful and frustrating result,
the question is Do you want to 
 For a partial or temporary solution that means That the problem will stay or come back
solution Complete and fast That gives you control over your outcome and success?

solution Complete and fast Control the outcome

You must understand Which is not enough to take care of Only in some of the complex,
Only consciously
or Only subconsciously

(No matter which technique)
because they parts of ROOT התוצאה שצריכים לעבוד יחד.

לכן חייבים לטפל במכלול Complete Of the result by SYNC Between the subconscious mind!

How It Works?


את/ה בוחר/ת תוצאה שאת/ה רוצה להשיג 
And I help you through the solution Complete [Exclusive] for control at the ROOT The result
להגיע לתוצאה Commitment!

this An accurate and deep plan In it you will discover the legal The truth Of life
And reveal Life lessons Are important שיתנו to you שליטה בתוצאה בכל תחום בחייך!

What will you gain from the program?

Cessation of negative emotions like fear, anger, anxiety and the like

 Creating effective interpersonal communication

 Control your result in time REAL Time

♦ Changing subconscious beliefs that block your success

♦ Releasing blasts with an undesirable result and achieving the desired goal

♦ Connection to your 'complete identity'

So you have 100% confidence that it works Your fetus
I allow you to experiment in advanced 
And see results in time REAL Time

Full commitment to the result! 

A number of testimonies from the graduates of the program

"After meetings with CBT experts, psychologists, EMDR experts
The program managed to bring me to a state of mind, alertness and control that no one had been able to bring me before. "

~ Ilan - High-tech director

"Instead of reducing the number of employees ... I'm tripling ... what I haven't done in the last seven years"

"The program addresses the cause rather than the problem and the results are immediate and rewarding"
~ Einat

"I split my life in two, before and after the program"
~ My father

"The genius of the method is connecting the parts to pay"

Want the complete solution [andThe only one You will need] 
Control your outcome and success?

Choose one of the two options


Demo session
[meeting personal Online at ZOOM for over hour]

תתנסה/י באחת הטכניקות מתוך השיטה ותקבל/י:
1. ניקוי אנרגטי ורגשות שליליים
 שידהים אותך! 
2. Detection of a subconscious trigger [programming]
That blocks you!

עכשיו 90% הנחה
[100 instead of 990]


התחייבות מלאה לתוצאה
[If you are not satisfied with the result, you will receive a full refund]!

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