What is the cause The hidden The result?

The result has 2 Factors

Factor Nsecret
 ROOT The result

Factor overt

בואו נבין את זה קצת יותר לעומק…
We are only aware of the cause The visible - The symptom.

And if the result is not good we try to treat it In symptom
In such and other techniques and discover that it is
not helping Or a partial and temporary assistant and the problem recurs (sometimes in a different hat)…

Why ?

Because the symptom is just delivery person Of the result

The purpose of the messenger is to attract attention our
For the real reason The result is The cause The hidden ROOT The result… 

Because only when dealt with ROOT התוצאה, תשתנה התוצאה!


for example

of the Result:
יש לנו מיגרנה חוזרת ואנחנו מרגישים כאב ראש.
ואז אנחנו לוקחים Paracetamol
וזה אולי יעזור לנו להפחית או להוריד את כאב הראש. 
אבל אז אנחנו עלולים לחשוב שהאקמול זה The solution to migraine. 

It is not…

The acmol it might be Partial and temporary solution to headache (the symptom),
אך בזה השתקנו את השליח שמטרתו היא
למשוך את תשומת הלב שלנו For the real reason למיגרנות שלנו…

כי אם לא נתמקד at the ROOT The result of the Problem Go deeper and worse!

As it works in the body, so does the mind.

Smashing a Myth!

It is customary to think Root הבעיה זה תת-המודע
ואם נטפל בתת-מודע הבעיה תיפתר.
It's a mistake!
This subconscious is just that Smooth From root The problem…

Scientific Studies  
In neurology (brain research) 
And epigenetics (outside gardens)


95-99% From time to time we are

1. Automatically triggered by trigger (programming) Unconscious

2. Do not control Consciously in real time


97% of the time there is no SYNC Between our subconscious mind
there is no We have control over Our result !!

Universe Law
To control the result you have to control at the ROOT The result.

Between the conscious and the subconscious gives us control 
at the ROOT The result.

of the Problem
She There is none One technique that creates
SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind

Because every technique Overrides the problem
manipulation About the symptom
(E.g., treatment In fear instead of In the cause to be scared of)
Just touches In one of 2 roots The result,
Consciously or Subconsciously At one point ...

And the result

Nothing or partial or temporary solution.

"When you solve a root cause of a problem,
Anyway, the negative results it creates around it.
However, when the root is ignored,
The solution of the accompanying phenomena will not be stable,
And the main problem is ... "

You have tried workshops and trainers using different methods
But again you're back To the same A painful result

It's because you were treated
In symptom

Instead of…
Root (cause) The result!


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