Innovative and exclusive! HIGH Method Cracking
the ROOT The result That determines the result!

Get for free the sentence that blocks your success and you are not aware that you say it every day!

[without me]

what The high method Which amazes people with 100% success
In control of their outcome?

Relationships | Negative Emotions Procrastination Money | Destructive behavior

Stuck In painful result Without control over your outcome ? 

And emotions like Fear, anger and insecurity Causes you For procrastination and destructive behavior
ThatBlocking Your success in relationships, money and relationships

this The frustrating blasts This one As a factor hidden thing Controls you like "a Puppet"That causes you
Compromise on yourself And pass on life Without joy, love, money, satisfaction and health 
And be In fear That is how your life will look in the future as well !

You are not the only one who has experienced Blasts with a painful result, And not the only one 
You were wrong When you did not do with it is nothing Because You thought it would work out on its own

And if you In a selected group Of people taking responsibility About their lives
And you tried Coaches andtaking care of, Have read books on psychology And about Unconscious
Take courses in CBT, NLP, Guided Imagery, Meditations, Positive Statements And others
But in the test the result over time Nothing Did not solve The problem ... 

This is because you are using the old common methods Not the solution for you !
[And if you continue to use them your result will not change…]

Studies state that the problem is BROOT The result That determines Your result!
[And you have no control over it]

And once you have control ofROOT Your result ?
You will have
100% success In every area of your life!

What is the ROOT The result?
[This different From what everyone thinks]

Studies In neurology (brain research)
And epigenetics (Outside gardens)


Our result Determined By ROOT The result

Consisting of…

 2 Our MindSet parts
Conscious + Subconscious
And the problem is There is none SYNC [coordination] Including

Everyone says that what blocks you is the MindSet
This is true.
But, and here comes a big but - because the common solutions are Sleeping From 50 years ago!
[With new names]

The old solution
 Conscious or subconscious therapy by guided imagery, meditations or positive statements
Which are tools Sleeping From 50 years ago.

The problem is that guided imagery techniques, meditations or positive statements
It's just a 'band-aid' and gives a partial and temporary improvement
but Do not solve The problem that instead of addressingROOT The result is they only care In symptom !

The new solution
 Control bROOT of the result that determines The result by: 
SYNC  Of your conscious and subconscious to success
That will give you 100% success In every area of your life 

The problem!

there is no A technique that creates SYNC [Coordination] of the conscious and the subconscious for success
for example

Coaching, Scientology, Theta Healing, Humanization, Landmark, Frequency, Arian Lev Method, EMDR,
Elijah Shiri Methods, Omega, Meditation, Byron Katie Method, CBT, Journey, Brain 1, Proactive,
Natalie Ben David - Satya, Mindfulness, Ora Golan Method, Arik Peled Method,
Psych-K, Deutscher Method, Guided Imagery, Awareness Space - Metaism, NLP

Or other techniques Bypassing the problem With tools like Guided Imagery,
Meditations and positive statements
 That it's just 'Plaster'And do Manipulation of reality.

All techniques focus only on 1 of the two parts of the Mind (conscious or subconscious) at one point in time
and hence Do not create SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind 
But give partial and temporary relief but
Do not solve The problem.

The new solution

As seen inישראל היום, The Marker, הארץ, nrg

Energy Sync

HIGH Method That works upside down At 180 degrees from any other method
[This No CBT, NLP, Positive Statements, Meditations, Guided Imagery]

Gives you with Commitment:

  Control your emotions
Instead of letting emotions control you…

  Control your behavior
Instead of doing things automatically
And let negative habits control you like a machine…

  And… control your outcome
Instead of being dependent on fate or luck…

The high method Synchronizing The 2 parts of the Mind [conscious + subconscious] for success
And includes knowledge and practical techniques That are not learned In no other setting.

To a large extent it is Contradictory and reverse From the common kabbalah!

The high method Cracks in shape Exactly the ROOT The result 
And gives you 100% Control your emotions and behavior!
[With Commitment The result]

The unique mechanism of The high method 

3 Mind ™ keys
♦ Key 1 creates Synchronization of the conscious
♦ Key 2 creates Synchronization of the subconscious
♦ Key 3 creates Sync between the conscious and the subconscious

3 advanced processes That create SYNC Of the conscious and subconscious mind
Incorporating unique techniques from The 3 dimensions: mental, emotional and energetic
And connect the parts to Whole To achieve the desired result
And feel That your destiny is in your hands!

In conclusion
The difference between The high method For all the others it is:
Postal Code at the ROOT The result is in place only In symptom 
By solution Complete and exclusive of SYNC of the Conscious and Subconscious to SUCCESS 
Who solved the problem From the root!

* It No CBT, NLP, Guided Imagery, Positive Statements or Meditations

"After meetings with CBT experts, psychologists, EMDR experts
The high system has managed to bring me to a state of mind, alertness and control that no one has been able to bring me before. "

~ Ilan - High-tech director

 Hi, my name is ILay Michaeli
Synchronizing to Success

עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%® - סנכרון אנרגטי להצלחה

 I developed the The high method

Energy Sync
Who does Reprogramming the Mindset for Success
By SYNC The Conscious and the Subconscious for Success [without me Of its kind]
And gives you 100% success In control In thoughts, feelings and behavior with Commitment 
[Development of 13 Years]

And most of all It is importantI'm teaching you the exact tools
That will allow to you Control yourself and your outcome Later in your life
Without Dependence on others!

Among other things, I served as the mental coach of the Maccabi Tel Aviv players
And of the participants in the TV show "The Mirror"
And I wrote the book The Secret of Human Mechanism.

The mistake That people do!

Paid to coaches and cared for according to Hours !

Pay an average of 300 - 400 NIS per hour
For a series of 12 hours, a total of about 4,000 NIS
To find out at the end that the desired result change did not happen…
What is the reason ?
Pay for Hours andDon't accept responsibility The result.
and then Returning On the mistake again… and again… 

Want to pay for hours or for Results ?

a question
Why despite everything I did [workshops, coaches, therapists] I saw only a partial and temporary improvement and I am still stuck with the same result?

That was not the solution Complete Solution And probably that:
1. The symptom was treated and not The Inner Root.
2. The tools and / or support were not there Accurate.

a question
The Inner Root Is it the subconscious?

No… This is a common mistake.
The Inner Root Consists of 2 parts: ROOT Conscious + ROOT The subconscious and the problem is that there is none SYNC Including.

a question
How to be safe That the high method That's the solution Complete Solution With The tools The exact And it will work For me?

This confidence comes only from experience, So you have First week of experience, In which results are seen Instant And so you will know these are the tools The exact And the high method Works 100% For you!
In addition you have the option to do a result demonstration session before Process and see that the tools are indeed Accurate And employees For you.

The key to 100% success !

To break free from all the barriers that stop you
And achieve 100% success In every area of your life 
Need 3 things:
1 - Stop being Depends on In others [subconscious coaches, counselors and therapists or anything else] 

2 - Stop treating only negative emotions and behaviors that are just The symptoms
And it gives partial and temporary relief but Not resolved The problem ...

3 - Most importantly, do Yourself the thing The only one That gives you control at the ROOT The result and allows you True freedom

and that is

SYNC Of your conscious and subconscious to success!

A sure result

Here you will get the solution Complete and exclusive to SYNC of the Conscious and Subconscious to SUCCESS
That gives you 100% success in controlling the result 
And helps you Overcome any emotional and behavioral barrier Within 3 months 
 That we will not learn In no other setting

- What no one else can give you - Commitment To your result !

The promise is that this is the solution the last one You will need!


No. 1 in Israel!

So you have 100% security That the high method Gives you a result Safe
[Without relying solely on the testimony of others]

I offer you
Demonstrate a result that will amaze you

Demonstrating an amazing result
[Designed for those who want to invest now Time and money in the solution to Whole To problem]

meeting personal In ZOOM about an hour 
In it you will experience the technique Unique 
for controlling emotions and behavior From a formula The high method
To make sure it's the best solution for you - that You Deserve Best !

Now at a price seriousness
Instead of 990 NIS Only 100 !

Imagine yourself controlling your results and feeling That your Destiny Your hands.

90% from the people exposed to the method in an advanced demonstration session To the Sync Program for Success.

After registering, you will have a convenient time within 24 hours

"You were born a source… So do not live like a replica!"  
Ilai Michaeli