first, HIGH Method is Cracking the
The Inner Root which determines 97% of the result!

Get for free the sentence that blocks your success and you are not aware that you say it every day!

- Exclusive -

Amazing new and different method people with 97% [and above] Success 
In controlling emotions and behavior!

If you have no control over the outcome 

Relationships | Negative Emotions Procrastination Of money | Destructive behavior

And there is Stuck like Factor hidden thing Controls you like "a Puppet",
That harms you personally, professionally and healthily
And to get out of this you have already tried Coaches andtaking care of, Have read books on The subconscious,
Take courses In Psychology, NLP And others who made great promises

But nothing helped…

It's because you have no control at the ROOT That determines 97% From the result!

And once you have control at the ROOT?
You will have 97% (or higher) success In every area of your life!

of the Problem
Most training and therapy methods are therapeutic In symptom 
By techniques like Guided imagery, meditations and positive statements.

Techniques like Guided imagery, meditations and positive statements 
Do Manipulation of reality and forming a band-aid but No crackers You The Inner Root [The cause] of the problem
  Therefore they may give partial or temporary relief but Do not solve the problem.

for example

You have a recurrent migraine and you feel a headache.
Then you take Paracetamol [Or another pill] and it may help you reduce or reduce the headache. 

But then you might think That paracetamol is a The solution to migraine. 

It is not!!

This is the equator Plaster Who gives A partial and temporary solution to the headache [symptom],
But in that you did manipulation On reality And you silenced the Symptom Whose purpose is
Attract your attention to the Root of Your migraine [The reason For migraine]…

If you do not focus at the ROOTof the Problem Go deeper and worse!

The big lie

Pharmaceutical companies Lying to us Years that drugs are a solution to the disease.
The truth is that drugs are a partial and temporary solution For the symptom But they will leave us Chronically ill!

As in the body so in the mind
As the drugs are a partial and temporary solution For the symptom But they will leave us Chronically ill
So are techniques like 
Guided imagery, meditations and positive statements That most methods use 
Are a partial and temporary solution For the symptom Such as fear, anger, procrastination and the like,
But they will leave us With the problem Because he did not crack Exactly ROOT The result!

the solution Complete

Cracking Precise of ROOT The result that determines 97% From the result!

Studies In neurology (brain research)
And epigenetics (Outside gardens)


95-99% From our result Controlled by ROOT The result!

2 parts of the Mind:

The problem is There is none SYNC Between the conscious and the subconscious…

The Inner Root That determines 97% From the result

SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind

All techniques Focus only on 1 of the two parts of the Mind (conscious + subconscious) at one point in time
and hence Do not create SYNC between our conscious and subconscious mind But give partial and temporary relief but Do not solve the problem.

the solution Complete להסרת החסימה להצלחה!

 HIGH Method 
That works upside down At 180 degrees from any other method
[This No CBT, NLP, Positive Statements, Meditations, Guided Imagery]
Synchronizing Between your subconscious mind

And gives you Commitment:

  Control your emotions
Instead of letting emotions control you…

  Control your behavior
Instead of doing things automatically and letting negative habits control you like a machine…

  And… control your outcome
Instead of being dependent on fate or luck…

Your result!

 Security, calm, freedom Control the outcome in every area of life, 
feel That your destiny is in your hands
And ability Fulfill your mission!

 Hi, my name is ILay Michaeli

key The high method 
Who gives 97% Success In controlling emotions and behavior
[13 years development]

Author of the book The Secret of Human Mechanism

Among other things, I served as the mental coach of the Maccabi Tel Aviv players
And of the participants in the TV show "The Mirror".

I am not paid for hours but for Results Which can only be obtained In the high method!

עילאי מיכאלי - גורם ה-97%® - סנכרון אנרגטי להצלחה

To control your outcome and success Required synchronize Your conscious and subconscious!

FULL Mind Sync
She HIGH Method That synchronizes The 2 parts of the mind [conscious + subconscious] 
Connects the The Inner Root The material And the root The spiritual
And includes knowledge and practical techniques That are not learned In no other setting.

To a large extent it is Contradictory and reverse From the common kabbalah!
[This is not CBT, NLP, Guided Imagery, Positive Statements or Meditations]

The high method Cracks in shape Exactly You The Inner Root And gives you 97% [and up] Emotions and Behavior Control!
[With Commitment The result]

The unique mechanism of The high method 

3 Mind ™ keys
♦ Key 1 creates Synchronization of the conscious
♦ Key 2 creates Synchronization of the subconscious
♦ Key 3 creates Sync between the conscious and the subconscious

3 advanced processes That create SYNC Of the conscious and subconscious mind
Incorporating unique techniques from The 3 dimensions: mental, emotional and energetic
And connect the parts to Whole To achieve the desired result
And feel That your destiny is in your hands!

In conclusion
The difference between The high method [FMS] For all the others it is:
Postal Code at the ROOT The result is in place only In symptom 
By solution to Whole of SYNC The Conscious and the Subconscious [2 Parts of the Mind]
Who solved the problem From the root!

* It No CBT, NLP, Guided Imagery, Positive Statements or Meditations

"After meetings with CBT experts, psychologists, EMDR experts
The high system has managed to bring me to a state of mind, alertness and control that no one has been able to bring me before. "

~ Ilan - High-tech director

The only way to get the result you want Requires You control your emotions and behavior!

The high method It is the only one that gives 97% [and above] control over emotions and behavior 
With  Commitment The result!

It is important!
If you really want to get rid of everything that stops you
And rise to the next level in your life [physically and spiritually] to live them as you have always dreamed And you deserve it
You must stop being Depends on others [Coaches, therapists and consultants]
And learn synchronize Between your subconscious mind!

Here you will get the solution Complete to SYNC - the conscious and the subconscious mind
 That we will not learn In no other setting

And… what no one else can give you - Commitment To your result!
You can choose to experiment
Demonstrating a result that will amaze you

That will give you
 100% Security of such the solution Complete And it works For you!

a question
Why despite everything I did [workshops, coaches, therapists] I saw only a partial and temporary improvement and I am still stuck with the same result?

That was not the solution Complete And probably that:
1. The symptom was treated and not The Inner Root.
2. The tools and / or support were not there Accurate.

a question
The Inner Root Is it the subconscious?

No… This is a common mistake.
The Inner Root Consists of 2 parts: ROOT Conscious + ROOT The subconscious and the problem is that there is none SYNC Including.

a question
How to be safe That the high method That's the solution Complete With The tools The exact And it will work For me?

This confidence comes only from experience, So you have First week of experience, In which results are seen Instant And so you will know these are the tools The exact And the high method Works 100% For you!
In addition you have the option to do a result demonstration session before Process and see that the tools are indeed Accurate And employees For you.

Amazing result demo session
meeting personal Online at ZOOM for over an hour
In it you will experience technique Unique for controlling emotions and behavior 
From a formula The high method
[The result will surprise you]

Now at a nominal price
Instead of 990 NIS Only 100!

It does not matter what you say… It matters what you do!
 If you have decided to do… here you have practical knowledge and techniques That are not learned In no other setting
Who do the The difference between a slight and temporary improvement and a solution to the problem!

Imagine yourself controlling your results and feeling That your Destiny Your hands.

After registering, you will have a convenient time within 24 hours

This is the complete solution [the last one That you will have to] control yourself and your outcome!